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HNW Millionaires in Germany

2. Germany
> Ultra-high net worth population: 17,820
> 1-yr. change: 13.0%
> 2012 GDP per capita: $39,028
> 2012 population: 81 million
> 2012 GDP: $3.3 trillion

Germany added more than 2,000 ultra-high net worth individuals in the past year. Additionally, four of the 10 cities with the highest populations of extremely wealthy individuals are in Germany. Despite a recent decline in exports, the country still remains a major exporter and continues to run a large trade surplus. However, the country narrowly avoided falling into a recession in 2012, and GDP growth is expected to be slow through 2013. While women make up just 6% of the nation’s ultra-high net worth individuals, they account for 15% of all wealth held by the ultra-wealthy. Germany’s richest woman, Susanne Klatten, is worth $14.3 billion, according to Forbes’ billionaires listing.

Countries with most millionaires, 2013

Earlier this week, wealth research group Wealth-X and UBS released their World Ultra Wealth Report for 2013, a comprehensive analysis of the global ultra-high net worth population. Based on that report, 24/7 Wall St. identified the 10 nations with the most ultra-wealthy residents. These are the nations with the most multimillionaires.