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Creation of an Urban Oasis in New Delhi

A worker walks past a renovated tomb inside Sunder Nursery, a 100-acre field founded by British colonists to grow experimental plants, in New Delhi.

Creation of an Urban Oasis in New Delhi

In a tangle of forgotten, overgrown brush in the heart of India's capital, a quiet plan has been hatched to change the landscape of one of the world's most populous cities.

An intricate Mughal garden is being created. Crumbling sandstone tombs nearly lost to history are being rebuilt. An artificial lake is being carved out. The renovation of Sunder Nursery is intended to serve as the catalyst for an even more ambitious project: the creation of a mammoth, iconic park that would rival New York's Central Park as a refuge from urban chaos.

"It would be the place where the city descends. It would be an oasis," said Ratish Nanda, project director for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and the driving force behind the dream of a mega-park.

Reporting by Ravi Nessman, Associated Press.

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