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CAIRO, EGYPT - JULY 3: An opposition demonstrator sits below graffiti of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on the walls of Egypt's Presidential Palace in the suburb of Heliopolis on July 3 2013, in Cairo, Egypt. The Egyptian Health Ministry reported at least 16 people were killed overnight on July 2 in violent clashes between Pro-Morsi and Anti-Morsi protesters in the Cairo suburb of Giza. An Army ultimatum to President Morsi comes to an end on Wednesday afternoon. In a statement on July 1, the Egyptian Army asked Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to resolve mass demonstrations against his continued rule or face intervention by the military within 48 hours, after millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest Morsi's rule on June 30. (Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images).

Egypt's graffiti revolution

Two years since the first Egypt uprising, Egyptians have spoken again, ousting President Mohammed Morsi. But on the streets of Cairo, there is another revolution, one of art and graffiti.