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Enchanting Seasides: Tranquebar (More photos)
Standing by the sea, all alone in the morning, I watched the sun make its date with dawn. I reconnected with myself on the shores of Tranquebar. There is something that is soothing in the constant flow and ebb of waves. Tranquebar is all about the sound of waves, going by its local name, Tharangambadi. You may travel solo or as a couple, but the little town with a single street is where a long-lasting affair with life begins.

Eight destinations for passionate travellers

Romance is all pervasive. As the poets would claim, it is all about “beauty and truth”. Love, as they say, is always in the air. You do not need a place and time to fall in love. Yet it is that time of the year when we choose the destinations that will stoke passions.

LAKSHMI SHARATH picks eight accessible destinations in India from charming seasides, quiet hill stations, heritage temples and enchanting wildernesses that send her heart aflutter. Make plans for a long weekend!