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Emma Thompson

After numerous miscarriages, Emma Thompson finally made her baby dream a reality when, after undergoing in vitro fertilization, she conceived daughter Gaia, who was born in December 1999 when the British actress was 40. But giving the little girl a brother or sister proved impossible when another round of IVF failed. "I would have desperately liked to have had more children and it's been a great agony for me," Thompson has said. Not having more kids was so “depressing” to her partner Greg Wise, he sought therapy. “It's a brute, IVF,” he has said. “It depends on the age of the woman. Your eggs get old. I'm completely in love with the idea of fatherhood, but as for more children we'll have to see what happens. We're just very lucky to have Gaia."

First-Time Moms After 40

Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, and Mariah Carey are just a few of the celeb moms who entered motherhood after they turned the big 4-0. -- By Kathleen Perricone and Lizbeth Scordo, omg!