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Roar (Fox, 1997)

A pre 10 Things I Hate About You Heath Ledger starred in this period drama about an Irish warrior fighting to rid his homeland of invading romans. (Premiered July 14, 1997)

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#FlashbackFriday to 10 Terrible Scripted Summer TV Shows

There was a time, long before Peak TV, when broadcast networks all but closed up shop in the summer, forgoing any original programming for a slate of wall-to-wall reruns. As the 1990s drew to a close, and cable TV began to encroach on their turf, execs at the broadcast networks decided it was time to put a little effort into their summer schedules — effort on little. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox (and later The WB) began debuting a handful of scripted shows during the summer months… but only show that were clearly deemed not good enough to make it on the air during the regular season. Today, we take a fond look back at some of those subpar summer TV pioneers — or should we say sacrificial lambs thrown to the hot-weather slaughter?