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Travel Top 10 Destinations for Women Travellers

Armed with loads of sunblock, flip flops and your BFFs, Goa is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday with your girl gang. There is the beach, beach shacks and varied restaurants offering scrumptious food, and of course nightclubs, where you can party all night. "This place is a paradise for free-spirited souls. All you need is bag pack, a camera and the urge to travel to Goa," says HolidayIQ traveller Roshni from Bangalore. Goa is known to be safe for women travelling alone. Indulge!

Holiday havens for women travellers

They embrace you with all their warmth and have personalities suited for every women traveller who is out to discover something new. Whimsical, mystical, culturally and historically rich, blessed with nature's bounty -- and safe, these are top ten destinations in India as recommended by HolidayIQ women travellers.

Ladies, add them to your bucket list right away!   

This list is compiled by HolidayIQ.
Photos: ThinkStock and Flickr