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A House Almost as Handsome as Ryan Gosling

In The Notebook, Noah decides to build Allie her dream home- even though she left years ago and is engaged to another man, Lon. The house itself becomes a symbol of his love for her, and when she returns to see him before getting married, she's blown away by the fact that he's actually built it

A House Almost as Handsome as Ryan Gosling

The opening of Safe Haven has us reminiscing about all the beautiful beach homes and plantation properties in Nicholas Sparks's past film adaptations. The one closest to our hearts? The breathtaking house that Noah (Ryan Gosling) builds for Allie (Rachel McAdams) in The Notebook, of course.

Inspired by the film's romantic setting, we browsed properties in Charleston, SC, and came across this similarly gorgeous home. The Bennett-Hayne House dates back to 1800 and features two tiered porches with Tuscan columns, a carriage house, and lovely expansive gardens. The only thing missing is a lake and Ryan Gosling rowing a canoe.

Source: Sotheby's