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Ibiza's famous beach

The sunkissed beach for which Ibiza is famous.

Ibiza - Beyond beaches, nightclubs and Vengaboys!

So you thought Ibiza was only about beaches, drinks and nightlife? Of course, they are an integral part of this gorgeous island but there is much more to Ibiza. This island off the coast of Spain is as much a destination for families and group as it is for couples. If you are not comfortable with the impression it has, go to Ibiza for other reasons. NISHA JHA offers you six.

Nisha Jha is one of small but growing tribe of Indian solo women globetrotters. She has travelled to more than 25 countries and nothing excites her more than learning and relishing life’s simple little pleasures about new places, people and cultures. Add Voluntourism and trekking to that. Enjoy more at her website Le Monde - A Poetic Travail, where she writes about sweet and sour experiences from around the globe. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.