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Monsoon in Gangtok

First, fog drapes the landscape and then the rain patters down. Another slice of life from a Gangtok street.

Images: Monsoon moods in Gangtok, Sikkim

After an aching delay, the monsoon has arrived in Sikkim, washing the landscape with rain and infusing the street scenes of Gangtok with colour and character. SRIVATSAN SANKARAN lets his lens wander among the streets of Gangtok, capturing the many sleepy moods of Sikkim and its townsfolk.

About the photographer:
SRIVATSAN SANKARAN from Chennai has been pursuing his passion for photography for three years. He began shooting landscapes and portraits with a Sony DSC-S600 and transitioned to a Nikon Coolpix and soon moved to Canon EOS 500D with kit and macro lenses. Explore more of his work on Flickr