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Baby-cry Sumo

Student sumo wrestlers carry crying babies beside a referee (C) clad in a traditional costume during the "Baby-cry Sumo" competition at Sensoji temple in Tokyo on April 21, 2012. Some 100 babies aged under one took part in the annual baby crying contest. Japanese parents believe that sumo wrestlers can help make babies cry out a wish to grow up with good health. AFP PHOTO/Toru YAMANAKA

Japan’s Baby Crying contest

Naki Sumo, or the Baby Crying Festival is a contest in Japan where sumo wrestlers hold a baby to see whose infant will cry first. The baby to cry loudest and longest wins the contest. A Japanese proverb says that 'crying babies grow fast'. So they believe that the louder an infant wails, the more gods have blessed it. The competition is thus intended to generate good health for the babies.