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The Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) is a long-billed shorebird that breeds as far north as Iceland. In winter, it migrates to the Indian subcontinent, Australia and western Africa.

Mangalajodi - a birdwatcher's paradise in Odisha

The marshy wetland of Mangalajodi, 70 km from Odisha's capital Bhubaneswar, lines the northern edge of Chilika Lake. Mangalajodi is a birder’s paradise in the truest sense as it plays host to nearly 500,000 wintering migratory birds that seek refuge here. The habitat nurtures and nourishes them for more than four months each year. Mangalajodi is an exemplary village exhibiting the concept of eco-tourism where villagers protect the birds and play host to visiting bird-lovers and tourists. Some of these villagers used to earn their livelihood from poaching birds but after intervention by conservation groups, they have now shifted to serious conservation activities and act as guides for bird enthusiasts. Nearly 115 species of birds are seen in Mangalajodi including Godwits, Sandpipers, Northen Pintails, Ruddy Shelducks, Grebes, Ibises, Plovers, Herons, etc.

Mangalajodi can be easily accessed by road and rail. Regular buses ply Bhubaneswar upto Tangi Bazar of Khurda district from where a a local auto-rickshaw can be hired to reach the tourist centers operated by NGOs and villagers. Alternatively, a car can be hired from Bhubaneswar. There are 3 tourist centers at Mangalajodi, viz. Mangalajodi Eco Tourism Trust, Godwit Ecotourism Trust and Mangalajodi Conservation and Tourism Trust.

These photographs are by Flickr user A R SHAKTI NANDA, an architect who turned to photography. His passion has fuelled his hobby into a second profession. His goal is to project the rich architectural, cultural, and natural biodiversity of Odisha. View more of his photos on Flickr