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New Bank of England governor

File photo dated 10/05/13 of New Bank of England governor Mark Carney who becomes one of the most powerful central bankers in the world today when he takes the reins at a crucial time for the economy.

Mark Carney is handsome

The Bank of England's suspiciously hunky new governor, Mark Carney, may look as though he sauntered off the set of Mad Men. But looks aren't the 47-year-old's only calling card. During five years running Canada's central bank, the man the New Statesman calls the "George Clooney of finance" was credited with shielding the country from the worst of the late-2000s financial crisis. Born in Canada's frigid north (Fort Smith, Northwest Territories), Carney is now the hottest thing in world finance, and has the star's paycheque ($1.4 million, or £874,000) to prove it.