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A worker places blocks of ice around "Lolong," the world's largest saltwater crocodile in captivity according to the Guinness World Records, as they wait for its autopsy Monday Feb. 11, 2013 at Bunawan township, Agusan Del Sur province in southern Philippines. The crocodile, measuring 20.24 feet (6.17 meters) and weighing more than a ton, died Sunday Feb. 10, 2013, 17 months after its capture by crocodile farm staff and some residents of this township. The southern Philippine town plans to hold funeral rites for the world's largest saltwater crocodile and then preserve its remains in a museum to keep tourists coming and prevent their community from slipping back into obscurity, the town's mayor said Monday. (AP Photo/Erwin Mascarinas)

Record-breaking monster croc dies

A remote southern Philippine town has gone into mourning over the death of the world's largest saltwater crocodile in captivity, even though it was blamed for the deaths of several villagers.