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Nelson Mandela memorable moments

South Africans march in the street and hold banners to protest the new restrictions on African citizens, soon to be known worldwide as Apartheid, implemented by the white minorty government of Daniel Malan, Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, early 1950s. During the Malan administration from 1948 - 1954 existing informal discrimination was systematically made law and remaining electoral, housing, civil, and employment rights of African citizens were dismantled.

Nelson Mandela: Memorable moments

A chief's son. Pioneer. Revolutionary. Prisoner. Statesman. Elder.

Few modern-day world leaders are revered as much as Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Then again, few can lay claim to a life like Mandela's. His father had a premonition when he granted his son the birth name, Rolihlahla — which roughly translates to "pull a tree branch" or, colloquially, "troublemaker."

Mandela's legacy encompasses innumerable accomplishments that changed nations. Scroll through to see 10 defining moments.