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New Generation of Slot Machines at the Global Gaming Expo

Gaming industry representatives sit to play the Centipede video game slot machine at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The first generation of joystick-controlled, penny arcade-themed gambling machines broadcasts the gambler's performance on an overhead screen, and pays out points in cash.

New Generation of Slot Machines Debut at the Global Gaming Expo

Slot machine manufacturers are rolling out a raft of games inspired by the penny arcade, hoping to attract middle-aged gamblers with a dose of nostalgia and the promise of finally cashing in on all those hours spent in front of a screen.

A Centipede slot machine to hit casino floors soon is more than just a clever licensing deal, or a sign of gambling's cosmetic change from one-armed bandits to touch screens and digital music. It's part of a new generation of models that let users show off a rare casino trait: skill.