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New & Notable: 8 High-Tech Home Security Gadgets

Even a real ninja would be no match for a Ninja Block. This mini device syncs up to sensors on your doors, windows, and other sensitive spots around your home. When motion is detected, Ninja alerts you with a text or phone call so you can take appropriate action.

New & notable: 8 high-tech home-security gadgets

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In our high-tech world, keeping your home fully protected is easier than it's ever been. Vastly more sophisticated than those blaring door alarms of yesteryear, today's home-security gadgets are discreet, packed with dozens of different security features, require little to no installation, and can be controlled right from an app on your smartphone. Best of all, they're affordable and need neither subscriptions nor contracts. Check out a few of the more popular security gadgets to hit the market recently, and consider welcoming one of them into your abode. | By Daniel Mintz, BobVila.com