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The Australian Museum Showcases Upcoming "Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family" Exhibition

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 28: In this handout provided by Destination New South Wales, a Tyrannosaurus rex takes a morning stroll with commuters in Hyde Park on August 28, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. In a world first, the Australian Museum presents "Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family", an innovative, multimedia experience showcasing the newly-revised tyrannosaur family tree. With over 10 life-sized dinosaur specimens on display, including one of the oldest tyrannosaurs, Guanlong wucaii, the exhibition runs from 23 November 2013 to 27 July 2014. Showcasing a dramatic array of fossils and casts of tyrannosaur specimens, including neverbefore-seen specimens from China, "Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family" is designed to provide a snapshot of dinosaur life and show how this group became the world's top predators with their massive skulls, powerful jaws and bone-crunching teeth. (Photo by James Morgan/Destination New South Wales via Getty Images)

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