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Peru skeleton

Archaeologists brush the bones of a skeleton, for the benefit of the media, during excavations to unearth ancient tombs discovered in the sports complex where Peru's national soccer team practices in Lima, Peru, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. According to Peru's Ministry of Culture, 11 pre-Inca tombs belonging to the Lima culture (200-700 AD) and Yschma (1100-1400 AD) were located inside the sports complex in the district of San Luis, where excavations started in Dec. 2012. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

Pre-Hispanic bodies found at Peru stadium

Archaeologists studying a small site at Peru's main sports center have dug up eight skeletons dating from at least 700 years ago and three others twice that old. The discovery of pre-Hispanic remains was made at the Huaca Tupac Amaru B site at the National Sports Village. The site sits just a few feet from the stadium where Peru's national soccer team trains. (AP)