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2013 Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z
EPA: 34/37 mpg combined (manual/CVT)
Real world: 37-40 mpg

The economy of Honda's sporty compact hybrid might have disappointed some critics at launch, but in the real world the hybrid hatchback actually does a lot better--averaging as high as 40 mpg for many drivers. Dive further into the figures, and there's no clear distinction between manual or auto either--suggesting driving style, rather than transmission, matters most for the CR-Z.

Real-world gas mileage winners and losers

We decided to browse some of the more well-known gas-sipping models using Fuelly.com's roster of driver-inputted numbers, to see which models fare best, and which aren't so good in the real world. It's looking good for Honda and Volkswagen, but not so much for Ford... | By Antony Ingram, High Gear Media

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