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Seaweed Swamps Qingdao Coastline

QINGDAO, CHINA - JULY 03: (CHINA OUT) Tourists swim in seawater covered by a thick layer of green algae on July 3, 2013 in Qingdao, China. A large quantity of non-poisonous green seaweed, enteromorpha prolifera, hit the Qingdao coast in recent days. More than 20,000 tons of such seaweed has been removed from the city's beaches. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

Sea of green: Chinese algae beach

Huge swathes of blue-green algae have covered the beach in Qingdao, China. The bizarre sight is caused by algae called 'enteromorpha prolifera', which is non-toxic and keeps returning even though 20,000 tonnes have been removed in recent weeks.