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Desiree Rogers

#14 Desiree Rogers

Company: Johnson Publishing Co.

Age: 54

The former White House Social Secretary was ousted when she let party crashers into Obama's first state dinner. She made a splashy comeback, however, as the CEO of a major publishing house, promoting the African-American magazines Ebony and Jet.

Rogers was handpicked by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to serve on the board of Choose Chicago, a non-profit that markets the city to tourists and convention planners.

Sexiest CEOs alive

There are some CEOs that can make running a company look ridiculously easy.

Then there are some who can do it with, well, a certain je ne sais quoi.

Business Insider has scoured the world to find the sexiest Chief Executives on the planet.

Sexiness is a subjective measure — and it’s not just about

looks. It’s also about success, power, ambition, charisma, altruism,

fashion sense, and style.

For this ranking, Business Insider have also only included CEOs of

companies with at least 100 employees.