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Unmanned Aerial Systems

U.S. soldier Randell Atkinson poses in the starting position with a 'Raven' drone during its official presentation by the German and U.S. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at the U.S. military base in Vilseck-Grafenwoehr.

Show Me Your Drones Strikes

Amnesty International called on the U.S. to investigate reports of civilians killed and wounded by CIA drone strikes in Pakistan in a report released Tuesday that provided new details about the alleged victims of the attacks, including a 68-year-old grandmother hit while farming with her grandchildren.

Several different organizations have tried

to track the number of civilian casualties from nearly ten years of

drone strikes in Pakistan, including the Long War Journal website, the

New America Foundation think tank and the Bureau of Investigative

journalism. These groups indicated that the attacks have killed between

2,065 and 3,613 people, the report said. Between 153 and 926 were

thought to be civilians.