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The InTempo Towers In Benidorm Remain Half Built Due To The Faltering Spanish Economy

BENIDORM, SPAIN - AUGUST 09: People swim in the water at Poniente Beach as the unfinished InTempo building stands over them in the distance on August 9, 2013 in Benidorm, Spain. The construction of the In Tempo building began during the economic boom and was meant open in 2009 as the tallest residential building within the E.U. at almost 200 metres high. However after a catalogue of building problems the 47-story twin tower building remains unfinished and has been transferred to the SAREB or "Bad Bank". (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

Spanish skyscraper built without elevators

Builders of a new 47-storey skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain, forgot one major detail when designing the high-rise: elevators. According to media reports, the InTempo skyscraper had

almost reached completion when they realised that they

had excluded plans for elevator shafts.