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Microsoft's Kinect changed the way we play games

The Xbox Kinect quickly became one of the hottest gadgets of last year's Holiday season. And with good reason. For the first time, there was no need to use a controller to play video games. As Microsoft's marketing slogan goes, you are the controller. Now Kinect not only supports motion input, but voice input too. Why it's innovative: Kinect is just the beginning. Imagine Kinect-like technology coming standard with your TV or gaming consoles. It'll make in-home entertainment much more immersive. The remote control is dead.

The 15 Most Innovative Gadgets

Tech moves fast. Even we have trouble keeping up with the latest and greatest stuff. With every new smartphone, every new computer, every new chip, we get closer and closer to what will become the standard in the future. Wireless high-speed Internet everywhere? We're getting close thanks to LTE. Cars that drive themselves? Google is working on it. Appliances that sync with your smartphone? Android has you covered. We put together what we think are the best gadgets and technologies that are setting the stage for tomorrow's tech.