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Data centers that harness heat for homes

As we move more and more of our digital stuff into the cloud, the companies behind those services are forced to build massive data centers to store it all. Apple has a fancy new one. So does Facebook. Google has several. And they all use up massive amounts of energy. Some have figured out a way to harness that excess heat and use it to keep homes warm. Why it's innovative: Data centers aren't exactly eco-friendly, but if we can continue to figure out ways to efficiently harness the extra heat and energy they give off, the benefits could be tremendous.

The 15 Most Innovative Gadgets

Tech moves fast. Even we have trouble keeping up with the latest and greatest stuff. With every new smartphone, every new computer, every new chip, we get closer and closer to what will become the standard in the future. Wireless high-speed Internet everywhere? We're getting close thanks to LTE. Cars that drive themselves? Google is working on it. Appliances that sync with your smartphone? Android has you covered. We put together what we think are the best gadgets and technologies that are setting the stage for tomorrow's tech.