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Boss Hunting Truck

The Boss Hunting Truck

When hunters need a vehicle for their excursions, the first choice tends to be a heavy-duty pickup — think an old Ford F-250 equipped with a viewing box on the bed, a few gun holders within, a beer cooler, and for the fancy even a camouflaged paint job. Parker Brothers Concepts, creator of pro-wrestler John Cena's Incenarator from this year's Gumball 300, decided to take that concept a step further, building what it calls The Boss Hunting Truck and billing it as "the luxury hunting truck of the future."

If you want to hunt in opulence, (and who doesn't?) the cost of this truck will set you back as much as a nice house. The Boss Hunting Truck starts at $200,000, but by ticking various options, it will quickly rise to $500,000.