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The Long Lehman Hangover, In Numbers

To measure how much has changed since that fateful month five years ago when Wall Street nearly collapsed and Washington launched a vast bailout program to save the economy, we assembled then-and- now figures on 15 key economic indicators. Slightly more than half of these indicators show an improvement since the fall of 2008. Yet jobs remain harder to find and incomes are down, which is why many middle-class Americans feel left out of the recovery. Here’s how the economy measures up today, compared with September 2008.

The Long Lehman Hangover, In Numbers

Are we better off or worse off?

It’s a difficult question to answer five years after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers triggered a global financial meltdown that nearly became the first full-blown depression since the 1930s. On one hand, the economy is growing and creating jobs, with some portion of the U.S. population back to business as usual. Yet it’s also clear that life has gotten tougher for millions of Americans, perhaps permanently.

Reporting by Rick Newman, Yahoo Finance.