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The New Corvette’s Oldster Problem

The Corvette is perhaps the most storied sports car in the history of American motoring, which is why the debut of the latest model—the seventh generation of the car, known as C7—is a Big Automotive Deal. GM (GM) might sell only 20,000 Corvettes in a good year, a tiny fraction of the pickups, SUVs or sedans it sells.

With a base price of about $52,000, the Corvette isn’t going to end up in the garages of very many twentysomethings. What GM hopes to do is broaden the appeal of the car beyond the blue-collar, middle-America demographic that forms the Corvette’s core fan base.

Let's take a look at the cars GM hopes they lure buyers from with the new Corvette.

Reporting by Rick Newman, Yahoo Finance.