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The Olympic City

*Grzegorz Kowalskiâs Sculpture âReloj Solarâ, Mexico City (Gary Hustwit) 1968 Olympics Organizers commissioned a series of 22 public artworks from sculptors from around the world for the Ruta de la Amistad (Road of Friendship). The statues still remain, some restored as this one is, some not.8BIM%

The Olympic City project

The Olympic City is an ongoing photography project by Jon Pack and Gary

Hustwit that looks at the legacy of the Olympic Games in former host

cities around the world. Hosting the Olympics has become a way for a

city to show itself off on an international stage and generate tourism

dollars, and cities spend millions or billions for the privilege. But

after the events are over, the medals have been handed out, and the

torch is extinguished, what’s next? What happens to a city after the

Olympics are gone?

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