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Top 10 Asian Restaurants - Michel Bras TOYA Japon, Toyako, Japan

Michel Bras TOYA Japon, Toyako, Japan

This Windsor Hotels restaurant could be described as the Japanese version of chef Michel Bras's famous Laguiole restaurant in France, where local vegetables, seafood and meats from Hokkaido are given the Bras treatment.


The top 10 restaurants in Asia

Influential food site The Daily Meal has released their picks for the best 101 restaurants in Asia, giving the top spot to a restaurant chain that specializes in soup-filled dumplings in Taiwan. One of Taipei’s most popular dining destinations, Din Tai Fung, has been named the best restaurant in Asia thanks in large part to its world-famous xiao long bao, pork dumplings filled with a rich, soupy broth which burst in the mouth.

Take a virtual tour of the top 10 restaurants in Asia, as chosen by editors of The Daily Meal.