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#9 Denmark

Ranks 18th for education, 3rd for health, 12th for its workforce, and 11th for enabling environment.

Denmark's particular strength is its health-care system. The people who live there have the second-lowest percentage of unhealthy years throughout their lives, as well as one of the lowest rates of depression and communicable diseases.

These 10 countries have the best workers in the world

In a new report ranking countries around the globe on their workers' potential, the World Economic Forum argues that the health of a nation's workforce "can be a more important determinant  of its long-term economic success than virtually any  other resource." The rankings are based on four factors: education, health, workforce, and enabling environment. Education measures the quality of schools and the achievement of students to get a sense of how both current and future workers have been educated. Health measures physical and mental well-being from childhood through old age.

Here are the 10 countries with the best workers, based on all of those factors.