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#5 Sweden

Ranks 14th for education, 2nd for health, 6th for its workforce, and 10th for enabling environment.

Sweden comes out near the top in almost every health-care measure from infant mortality to water quality, and has a highly educated and talented workforce as well.

These 10 countries have the best workers in the world

In a new report ranking countries around the globe on their workers' potential, the World Economic Forum argues that the health of a nation's workforce "can be a more important determinant  of its long-term economic success than virtually any  other resource." The rankings are based on four factors: education, health, workforce, and enabling environment. Education measures the quality of schools and the achievement of students to get a sense of how both current and future workers have been educated. Health measures physical and mental well-being from childhood through old age.

Here are the 10 countries with the best workers, based on all of those factors.