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Exterior view of Ron Joyce's yacht

"I'm tired of boating." Joyce told The Star. "I'm almost 83 years old. When do you halt anything you do in your life?" At the time of purchase, Joyce had three other yachts, but has since sold all of them.

Tim Hortons billionaire's yacht up for sale

The 82-year-old former owner of Tim Hortons, Ron Joyce, is dropping the price of his 49-metre luxury super yacht up for sale. Dubbed the 'Destination Fox Harb'r Too,' the yacht can be yours for just $19.95 million, a steal compared to the $30 million Joyce paid for it in 2008. The yacht has been on the market for two years now, but has just been dropped in price again in hopes of generating some new attention. To read a review of the vessel, you can visit www.yachtforums.com