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top 10 foods for winter

Nuts & Dried Fruits
Dried fruits are known to retain a large amount of the nutritious quotients of fresh fruits. Therefore, they are essential providers of nutrients in the absence of their fresher counterparts. Together with other nuts, they up the quality of diet and their regular consumption, especially in winter, helps combat risks to health.

The above list is sure to keep you hearty and healthy during this winter. So, make sure you skip none of these food items and enjoy a healthy winter!

Top 10 Best Winter Foods

The nip in the air would tell you that it is time for extra preparation. Come November and you would take out the woollens, scarves and gloves gearing up for the winter chill.

So, as you prepare on the outside, you may also like your body to be prepared from the inside. This would require certain not-to-be-missed food in your winter diet.
Let's have a look!