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Nissan Juke Nismo

1. Nissan Juke, 2011-Present: Like so many polarizing cars, the Nissan Juke (pictured above) is best experienced from the driver's seat. Its turbo version is a hoot to drive, but let's face it — the thing looks like an angry Pokemon. A new NISMO sport version is even more fun to flog and even more bizarre to look at. Very French-looking from some angles, very Japanese from others, it is definitely distinctive but nobody would call it pretty. The Europeans love it, however — Nissan sells nearly three times as many Jukes in Europe as it does in the U.S.

Top 10 most polarizing cars

Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, but almost certainly you're talking about it. Polarizing cars have that effect on people — but sometimes you just love what you love, even if seems like everyone thinks you're nuts for loving it. We polled the editors of Cars.com to decide the most polarizing cars of recent memory and tabulated the results. | By Aaron Bragman for Cars.com

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