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The rear bench can come out for hauling cargo or use as a picnic seat; the entire car can be cleaned inside and out with a hose. And as Toyota's own renderings show, the stubby ME.WE's plastic panels that double as crash padding lend themselves to a Philippe Stark-with-Play-doh sculpting.

Toyota's no frills 'anti-excess' concept car

The world's largest automaker worries the world has too many cars. That's the only conclusion to draw from the latest concept car unveiled today by Toyota in Paris. Dubbed the ME.WE, and designed in a partnership with French architect/inventor Jean-Marie Massaud, Toyota calls the car an "anti-excess vehicle," designed to tread lightly on the environment with every touch of its electric-powered wheels. Toyota says the ME.WE suggests the future of transportation, which may make the present seem like a gilded age.