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Travel Waterfalls of India

Bee Falls near Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. The story goes that the falls were so named by bathers for the stinging but refreshing spray from the falls. Located close to the army town of Pachmarhi, it is one of the most sought-after sights in the Satpura hills.

By nehagupta2008

Travel Photo Challenge - Wondrous Waterfalls

Yahoo Lifestyle

There's perhaps no greater inspiration to photographers than the sight of water in motion. The spectacle of a waterfall -- the silvery white torrents of gushing water, the deafening roar as it strikes the ground, the plumes of mist rising like smoke, and the rainbows refracted in its spray -- these images breed poetry in the fecund mind.

When we called for entries to a travel photography series on waterfalls, Yahoo readers responded with great enthusiasm. Here is a selection of the best images picked by our editors. Inspired? Keep submitting your photos!

Are you charmed by waterfalls? Submit your best images to our Flickr group, and we will publish the most inspiring ones in this series! If you have a photo-set, you can also share it with us via Dropbox to travelindiasubmissions@yahoo.in