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Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen (‘Star Wars: Episode II’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode III,’ 2002-05)

George Lucas’s prequel trilogy isn’t short on problems, but few are as glaring as the nonexistent chemistry between Natalie Portman’s regal Queen Amidala and Hayden Christensen’s petulant Anakin Skywalker. Epitomized by the latter’s diatribe against sand, their romance lacks a single spark or even a sense that the two feel much of anything other than annoyance at having to recite such awful dialogue in front of endless green screens. (Photo: 20th Century Fox/courtesy Everett Collection)

Unhappy Valentines: The 15 worst movie couples this century

When it comes to #RelationshipGoals this Valentine’s Day, you and your S.O. can look to recent big-screen romances like The Shape of Water and Brooklyn for great storytelling and maybe even some helpful couples therapy. On the other hand, we strongly discourage people from modeling their personal love story on these 15 fictional romantic pairings, drawn from movies made since 2000. From Star Wars-crossed lovers to collateral damage-causing gaslighters, these couples will either make you hug your partner a little tighter, or give up on romance completely.

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