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Uruguay Marijuana and Whisky

An employee inspects a bottle of Mac Pay whisky on a production line at the Ancap plant where Mac Pay is bottled in Montevideo, Uruguay. Inspired by the late President Jose Batlle y Ordonez, Uruguay's congress created in the 1930's Ancap, a state fuel and liquor monopoly that still refines imported oil and distills liquor at side-by-side plants in Montevideo.

Uruguay's New State Monopoly: Marijuana

The government says its goal is to lower marijuana consumption in Uruguay by strictly regulating a legal market for it and punishing those who grow, sell or use it illegally.

Final Senate approval of Uruguay's marijuana law is expected by late September, and the government plans to license growers, sellers and users as quickly as possible thereafter to protect them from criminal drug traffickers.

Reporting by Leonardo Haberkorn, Associated Press.