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Vanishing Jobs

This combination of Associated Press file photos shows, left, the General Services Administration telephone switchboard and its operators in 1951, and right, Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, on the Apple iPhone 4S in 2011, in San Francisco. The number of switchboard and telephone operators in the U.S. fell from 182,000 to 73,000 in 10 years through 2010 because of new technology.

Jobs With a Terrible Outlook

Businesses are cutting costs wherever they can. Outsourcing jobs overseas where operation costs are lower is just one example. However, the proliferation of new technology is changing the landscape of America’s job market. Automation is yet another fast-growing method of cutting costs, as these technological advances become cheaper and easier to implement — replacing jobs previously held by humans.

Here are some professions that are suffering due to these technological advances: