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Travel Venice Carnival Shayantani Sarkar

This year’s Carnival theme was ‘Color’. In John Ruskin’s words “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” Each hue and luminosity evokes emotion just like a piece of art. The carnival paid tribute to artists like Titian and Giorgione who were inspired by the colors of Venice. The theme also synchronized with the objective of the carnival, which is the ushering of spring.

Venice Carnival - A Pageant of Colour

Venice was once the pleasure capital of Europe and it truly deserves to be so. The romantic city is prismatic and the beauty of Venice is enhanced during the carnival. Witnessing the oldest carnival recorded in history is at once trance-inducing and overwhelming. Confetti-strewn cobbled streets, face paintings at city squares, live baroque music echoing from Patrician houses, and people in carnival masks and costumes remind you that you are in the land of Giacomo Casanova, where each nook and cranny whispers a tale. 

Though the 15-day bacchanal ends with the Lent period before Easter, celebrations never end here and the warmth of the fiesta lingers even after the costumes and masks have been packed away.

About the photographer:

SHAYANTANI SARKAR has lived across the length and breadth of India, but spent her initial years in Kolkata, a city that influenced her deeply. A passionate photographer and traveler, she relishes good food and grooves to Latin music. She is happily employed in the IT industry and loves reading Paulo Coelho.

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