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What teens are buying in 2017 and where

Top clothing brands
No. 1: Nike
23 per cent of teens
(Canadian Press)

Where teens are spending money in 2017 and what they're buying

In 2017, teens care a bit more about how they look and slightly less about video games.

According to the newest semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens survey from asset management firm Piper Jaffray, overall teen spending moved down 4.4 per cent year over year. The results, built off of the input of 6,100 U.S. students with an average age of 16, presented their latest spending patterns and fashion trends. It turns out that the age group, like everyone else, does most of their shopping on Amazon.

Click through the slideshow to see who’s in and who’s out, and what percentage of teens are buying these brands. Spoiler alert: They like Louis Vuitton.

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