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Russky Island Bridge

A general view of the world's longest cable-stayed suspension bridge, the Russky Island bridge, on June 26, 2012, in Vladivostok. French company Freyssinet, a subsidiary of VINCI, world leader in pre-stressing and cable-stays designed, supplied and installed 168 stay cables for the 1872m long Russky Island bridge.

World's longest bridge spans

At 1,102 feet up and 3,858 feet across, the ambitious suspension bridge

in China's Hunan province has become the highest and longest in the

world. The bridge, which is

lit up at night with 1,888 lights, is the fourth suspension bridge to

cross a valley so wide it seems to be connecting two mountain ranges. It is a key part of the Jishou-Chadong

Expressway, a 64-km road which has 18 different tunnels that cover about

half of its length. Once on the bridge cars and lorries can motor along

a two-way, four-lane motorway at about 50 mph.