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Highest paid actors in 2017

Being a superhero will certainly net you an impressive pay day, but it’s not quite enough to get you the biggest paycheque in Hollywood. (Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures).

These are the world's highest-paid actors in 2017

If you’re an actor, you quickly learn that certain roles are financially more rewarding than others. In recent years, getting the lead in an action flick or donning tights for a superhero franchise can mean an exorbitant payday.

Forbes has released its annual list of highest-paid actors in the world, and cumulatively, these 10 actors earned an incredible $720 million between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017. The earnings are based on estimates established via data from Nielsen, ComScore, Box Office Mojo and IMDB, as well as interviews with industry insiders, and are all before taxes and fees.

While the list is traditionally dominated by American actors, this year’s list has four names from overseas that are making a big splash on the silver screen.

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