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Wildfires threaten Yosemite

In this photo provided by the U.S. Forest Service, fire crew members stand watch near a controlled burn operation as they release a very pistol, as they fight the Rim Fire near Yosemite National Park in California, Monday, Sept. 2, 2013. (AP Photo/U.S. Forest Service, Mike McMillan)

Wildfires threaten Yosemite

While the flames still raced through California's Sierra Nevada last year, investigators zeroed in on a deer hunter they suspected of starting what would become the mountain range's largest fire in its recorded history.

They pressed the hunter, who said at first he caused a rockslide in a remote corner of the Stanislaus National Forest that sparked the blaze, and then he blamed illegal marijuana growers, denying he even took a lighter on his hunting trip.

On Thursday — nearly a year later — a grand jury returned a four-count indictment against Keith Matthew Emerald, 32, alleging he started a campfire Aug. 17, 2013, in an area where fires were prohibited, and it spread beyond his control and turned into the massive Rim Fire.

(Associated Press)

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