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    Tuesday, 10:49PM EDT "U.S. coronavirus infections hit record levels, with hospitalizations and deaths on the rise. The coronavirus pandemic continued setting records in the United States on Tuesday, as a relentless raft of new infections pushed the country’s seven-day average of reported cases to its highest level ever. For the first time, the nation’s rolling average — considered more reliable than fluctuating daily cases counts — topped 70,000. More than 43,000 people are hospitalized, a figure approaching the worst of the midsummer peak. The average number of deaths reported each day has also been ticking upward."
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    Corner Lot
    Reality check brewing. A major correction is needed to align bloated stocks with the reality of the economy. Its healthy folks for the markets to adjust. Once it is better balanced and as economic conditions improve there will be conformation for trillions of sideline money to bleed in and thus start a real sustainable bull market.
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    In PA here are the early registered voters breakdown.
    70% dems
    21% cult
    8% other.
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    The world is witnessing Fraudulent US Stock Market; how the US Government PUMPS the indexes by 150 points in the last 5 trading minutes of the day!
    Nasdaq Composite got PUMPED by 120% by the US Government in the last 6 months and the excuses are STIMULUS and Fake Vaccine HOPE... 120% Capital Gains in US Stock indexes over the previous 6 months. It used to take 200 years to gain 120% on your capital. US Stock Market has become a PONZI SCHEME!!!
    Enjoy FREE CAPITAL GAINS without working while the Government is Printing money and PUMPING the Stock BUBBLE!
    It is no secret to anyone that the US Stock Market is a FRAUDULENT system. The US Government PRINTS Money and buy the Stocks via the infinite margin trading desks to PUMP the Prices. However, this FRAUDULENT system, designed to make insiders “QUICK RICH”, is NOT Sustainable.
    US Stock Valuations are IMPOSSIBLE to justify! US Stocks are EXTREMELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! The Market is in the Tulip Mania BUBBLE!
    The Government is PUMPING Various stocks in various industries every single day, FOR NO REASON. At some days, the “Lucky” stocks and sectors are financials, the other days “online services”.
    DESPITE COLLAPSING Economy, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, growing Corporate LOSS, Skyrocketing inflation, Skyrocketing unemployment, Astronomical Corporate and National Debt, ABSURD Valuations, Worsening Trade War and Spreading Coronavirus Pandemic, the US Government is PUMPING the US Stock Prices, the MEGA BUBBLE Every single day!
    Barclays downgraded the megacap technology sector to market weight given their stretched valuations.
    Barclays downgraded the megacap technology sector to market weight given their stretched valuations.
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    Dotardcare is now available at Walmart and other retailers. A package of Clorox Bleach, Lysol and Hydroxychloroquin. Comes with a measuring cup and instructions on mixing to match your weight and height. This is the bigliest healthcare ever.
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    It used to be a topic worth talking about when the Dow would drop 800 but since the Fed took over and Socialized the markets both it really doesn't matter at all does it? Just a ploy to pump a huge amount back in with the label Stimulus attached to it.
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    W.H.O.: "Europe reported more than 1.3 million new cases last week, its highest single week count yet and imposed new restrictions this weekend as Covid-19 cases soar"
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    North Dakota ends contact tracing due to case overload. Still no mask mandate. Typical Red state logic.
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    Prepare for the cost of living to soar if Biden wins and the Democrats also take the Senate. Energy and utility costs will start the ball rolling, which will eventually spread to all consumers. The new regulation costs will once again be passed on to the consumer.
    A federal minimum wage will probably be enacted, which in turn will allow many hourly workers, above the 15$ mark to demand a higher wage. Government spending and taxes will also rise.
    Most of us it will be paying more for pretty much everything including health insurance. Unless somehow all workers get a large pay raise, a net loss is inevitable. The people on fixed incomes and those earning under 50k per year, will be hit the hardest. Tax credits may help offset the increase in monthly budgets, but those with little or no tax liability will likely still see a net loss overall unless the tax credit is substantial.
    Will an increased cost of living produce a better life for the majority of people? Time will tell. Much will depend on who you voted for and the perception of the impact of their policies.
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    Im no Biden fan but Trumps fumbling of the virus and economy have forced me to vote against him. we need a stable mature government that will be good for business.
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    Why doesn't Trump Tweet that the stock market is burning.
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    A Yahoo! User
    NBA comes in $1.5 billion under revenue expectations. Awwwww.
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    Was on a Zoom call yesterday with a friend in Amsterdam - they are completely shutdown (Restaurants, Bars, etc) and they are cooped up at home- it's one thing to see it in the news, but another to hear directly from those experiencing it right now... I fear we will be doing the same in the U.S. shortly. Thus: the market today
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    BTW: Mcconnell's hands are no simple "skin condition". More like diabetes for the 78 year old. Why don't Trump supporters talk about term limits when Mitch comes up? Why does one of the poorest states in the country keep electing the wealthiest Senator in all of Congress?
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    If you want to keep your Social Security & Medicare vote blue.
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    Dow drops hits a Record nearly 700 points down
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    Not a poll genius..hard facts by tracking ballots.
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    when the stock market drops to 26 k despite a stimulus package then reality will bite.
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    The long term historical fair market value for the DOW is 12k.