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  • J
    Judge should overturn the tax free unemployment income from 2020 next. It's theft to get 10k and not pay any tax while someone who works for 10k must pay tax.

  • M
    ⭐ Top Bullish Charts | July 2021 💰💵📈

  • V
    What a strange market 70% of stocks in sap below 50 day ma and markets at all time highs massive dissection
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  • e
    If the Senate passes a capital gains tax increase for the very top of the income earners, which stocks would be sold first to avoid the tax? Easy answer: the ones with the biggest capital gains. In other words, the FAANGs.
  • B
    It is great time to buy Chinese tech stocks when there is fear.
  • R
    This market has no fear. This Ponzi scheme is supported by massive amounts of cheap money and purchases by your very own federal reserve. A 1% decline these days is considered a huge correction. Just buy the dip every time because the fed has got your back.
  • A
    I have been going through some crypto assets especially on Ethereum, bitcoin cash and ripple because I wish to begin investing on these crypto assets can anyone please let me know which is best to invest in and also what the profit margin looks like?
  • e
    There was some serious selling late Friday. That could be attributed to expectations that the capital gains tax will be raised for those making a million dollars or more a year. By selling now, they may escape a rate that was 20% going to, maybe, 28%. The Senate has not passed the increase yet and we don’t know if it will be retroactive. Also “transitory” when talking about inflation is turning into something more than a couple of months as inflation remains above 5% annually and 9% for the month of June. The Fed will be quiet now until their July 27 meeting. To me, the view is concerning for stocks and holding some cash makes sense.
  • m
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  • S
    Have not done the math. It is pretty simple. I would be better off on a slot machine. $1 denomination. $1 bet per spin. Start off with $1 Million. Hit the spin button 1 million times. Would end up with $900,000.00. Put $1 Million into S&P now and end up with $480,000.00. Odds are better at the casino.
  • S
    The market is not going to crash. Calm down, people. Just a small trim. Why should it? Rates are at zero. Money has to go somewhere. When the Fed raises rates a couple of years from now, that’s when we have to think about re-allocating capital. Right now, in addition to being a hedge against possible inflation, stocks are where you need to be. Simple.
  • G
    ECB keeping rates low. Screwing savers to keep stocks going up! Putting all my cash into stocks was the right move! Can’t lose since this is over retirement after they removed pensions for non-gov workers. If gov lets market crash, they will have a revolt. 100% in.
  • r
    If the economy is doing so well (judging by record stock market numbers), then why does the Fed continue extraordinary monetary policy that artificially holds down interest rates and only results in creating market bubbles in almost every asset class? By continuing to breast feed Wall Street, they are causing the most unhealthy and unstable set of economic circumstances in history.
  • L
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  • S
    The rich get Richer because the poor thinks that every opportunity is a scam Especially investing in stock exchange, real estate, gold, cryptos.
  • J
    John # 2
    Know who’s going to lose? The multitude of hedge funds that have a fairly good sized short positions amongst them. Its full steam ahead!
  • K
    LOL....for you people who do not think this is a Bubble...take the FED out of the game and let's see what happens? Of course, you realize this is ALL induced by Central banks to jack up asset prices to make the debt look more palatable!
  • r
    Told you back to 4400 by Friday check my past post.
    They tested your conviction to buy the dip.
    Could be a little rough ride from here.
  • e
    Quite a broad decline because the S & P (unweighted) is down further than the weighted. There is no conspiracy just fatigue with the ever-moving economic dimensions and surprise by new investors that stocks go down as well as up. Margins requirements are not yet in play. Its never too late to raise some cash for daily needs but never bail out entirely.
  • J
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