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  • m
    Without the criminal help from the FED (and the MASSIVE increase in debt) over the past 12 years, the Nasdaq would be trading 5-6k points lower. They have put the future of this country very much in doubt.
  • H
    Today's Fed news is BAD to Nasdaq and tech stocks as they lose more money and no more growth opportunity left! Inflation is skyrocketing, but the US Company revenues are tanking! The future will be Terrible for the US Stocks!
  • m
    For the first time till year 2000, my stocks (which are all nasdaq firms) are performing worse than nasdaq index.
    Very very unusual year. Things goin on are not normal at all.
  • N
    Yesterday, the Fed said he would raise interest rates by 2023. He hasn't raised them yet. Business as usual; markets moving up. The initial investor panic wore off. It's a buyer's market again. Still have main resistance at 14,211.
  • J
    People are stressing about rate hikes 2.5 years from now..
  • R
    Today's Fed news is good to Nasdaq and tech stocks as they need low interest and free money to grow..
  • G
    You can smell the desperation from all these shorters spamming. It's wonderful. Buying more tech today. Have a good one everyone.
  • T
    Nasdaq is AT it’s “Triple Top”.

    It will be TEXTBOOK if it can slightly break that 52 week high.

    If it does; ........ it’s all downhill from there.

    It’s gonna be a tumultuous year ahead....

    Enjoyeeeee !
  • m
    This is NASDAQ board, so let me just post NASDAQ numbers. Applies to the broader market and other indices as well as relevant to their movement over the last few months (YTD 2021). NASDAQ has gained 10.8% YTD. I have a portion invested just in this index and did not buy or sell in this period, so I gained 10.8% of that portion of my money. I am neither a trader, nor bullish or bearish, but just invest in the stock market for long term. So, stop complaining and look at the facts. Now, will it crash, correct, soar even higher, who can tell? There is not a single person on this board, or in this world who can say that accurately. But if you want to read amusing rants, political comments, spam, bulls and bears, ya there are plenty. But in 5 months, you could have made 10.8% more money if you just held a NASDAQ index fund. That's a fact. For all you cash hoarders, you lost so far, since Jan 2021. I can't tell about the future.

    Again, the % is only NASDAQ as relevant on this board. The other indices - S&P, RUT, FTSE, International etc have also had similar movements, If you own loser single stocks, then it was a risk you signed up to begin with. Keep complaining, as no one cares, but it is definitely amusing for the others.
  • S
    This needs to decline to 8,000 for valuations to start making any sense whatsoever. Unprofitable companies valued at 250 times sales? You have to be kidding me. No one would pay these prices in the private market. Time for a massive slide downward.
  • S
    When the financial news media finally realizes stocks are falling because the prices are absurdly overinflated, the indices will already be down like 15-20%, if not more. Now is the time when anyone with any sense realizes this and gets out. The only other time shareholders' equity was at 5 (reasonable ratio is 2 and below for the index) was at the peak of the tech bubble 21 years ago. It's going to get very ugly.
  • R
    Looks like the market is running on short squeezes and panicking out longs.
  • m
    No worries, the FED will spike the futures and this thing will open up 100+ points on Monday. SHAM!
  • O
    Original Soothsayer
    A family of 4 can get $70,000 in government benefits by choosing not to work. Sleepy's world.
  • a
    (http://Fairstox.com) is truly one of the best stock advice newsletters out there! Their daily emails give me all the information I need to trade more wisely each day. I rely heavily on their watchlists and recommend all traders should do the same!
  • T
    The US DOT-COM BUBBLE 2021
    For how long will the US Government continue to PUMP the US Stock Prices artificially? Everyone knows that the US Market is in the MEGA BUBBLE; it is even more overvalued than Tulip Mania Bubble! The US Stocks are INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! The Valuations are impossible to justify!
    For how long can the US Government run this fraudulent Stock BUBBLE, while Corporate revenues are tanking, Corporate and National Debt is Astronomical, the Valuations are beyond insanity, Political polarization is at max, there are ongoing and upcoming wars, the real resources are limited, Economy is Collapsing, Competition is intense, the Stock Dilutions are at record highs, everything is getting worse, China, Russia, and many other countries are set to ditch the US Dollar as an international reserve currency.
    Now there are 100,000s of companies worldwide competing for $1 revenue! The US Companies that barely generate revenue of $1-2 million are trading at $50-60 Billion Market values, while in Asia, the same companies with better fundamentals, 100 times more revenues, are trading at 99% less market value! The US Company valuations DO NOT MAKE Sense at all! Why would one invest in US Stock Tulip Mania while he/she can buy the 1000 times better company share for a 99% cheaper price?
    The US Stock Market is a MAJOR PONZI SCHEME designed to patch fraudulent pension systems in the US temporarily! There is NO PROPER Revenue Collection by the IRS since 2016. Taxes are extremely Low, and Nobody is paying custom duties! People want more free money without working, more free checks, more capital gains, more stock hypes every day! This fraudulent "no need to work" policy of the US Government will END TERRIBLY very soon! Inflation is skyrocketing, but the Government is lying about inflation!
  • B
    Who here can actually use some logical common sense with facts to compare/diff a feb 20' 9800 nas vs a 14k+ nas today is the reality market question. I knew quite a few who called that 9800 level pre-pandemic a mega tech bubble then ....so do you really believe this level or +40% from that level is truly justified and sustainable throughout the entire summer - eoy? espn would say "come on man!" > also jb's words to dt during the election
  • K
    I am not a technician, but, the chart appears to exhibit a classic 'triple top' formation. Any chart experts out there that would agree? I am betting on at least an 8% correction, possibly 15%

    Plus, Shiller PE Ratio is 37.44 - mean is 16.82 and median is 15.83. General market is still WAY overvalued by this historical measure.

    Anyone buying calls on the SQQQ? Or, puts on the QQQ?
  • h
    Good job CNBC
  • V
    Ice cores show Earth's history has "lurched violently between periods of warmth and brutal chill." It seems another ice age is due, because they've been happening with some regularity for the last 40 million years. Climate change on a massive scale is perfectly natural.