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    Trailing PE of 38 and forward PE of 32 make further gains harder given partial lock-downs will affect 4Q20 and 1Q21 financials. Biden's economic policies are still not clear on tax increases and welfare spending. Near-term pandemic stimulus doesn't look likely until after Jan run-off senate election in Georgia. Market is over-priced.
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    $^GSPC conversation
    COVID deaths up. We will be hitting records in the next few days. Deficit spending up. Companies have decreased earnings, yet markets are at ATH. This is a classic bubble folks. S&P500 is worth half of what it is today, based on the Shiller P/E.

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    The US Stock BUBBLE 2020
    Nasdaq Composite went from 4,000 to 12,000 in NO TIME, FOR NO REASON!
    The World Economy is Collapsing, people are starving, but the US Market Makers are too busy in printing money and PUMPING the Stock prices Artificially to make insiders trillionaire without working!
    Enjoy Free Capital Gains in the US Stock Market while the Corporate Revenues are tanking and the Economy is Collapsing! US Stock Market is a “GET QUICK RICH” Scheme!
    Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) was 17,000 in 2016, with better economic fundamentals and higher corporate earnings. However, thanks to the Collapsing Economy, Coronavirus Pandemic, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, Skyrocketing unemployment, Trade Wars, Record INFLATION levels, and Heavy Stock Dilutions, Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) BUBBLE has almost Doubled!
    S&P 500 (^GSPC) was at 1600.00 with better fundamentals and higher corporate earnings in 2016. Now it is sitting at ABSURD 3600.00 with TERRIBLE Fundamentals, Collapsing Economy, HEAVIER Corporate and National Debt and way lower corporate revenues and earnings!
    The World Countries are refusing to accept the US Dollar as international reserve currency due to the HEAVY Dollar PRINTING!
    US Stocks are INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stock Market is a MEGA BUBBLE right now!!!
    'The market can go up on bad news and go up on good news,' Grantham told CNBC. 'There are all the characteristics of a bubble.'
    'The market can go up on bad news and go up on good news,' Grantham told CNBC. 'There are all the characteristics of a bubble.'
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    Increase Capital Gain taxes!
    $^GSPC conversation
    The Government MUST increase Capital Gain tax to 50% to prevent this PONZI SCHEME, this MEGA BUBBLE, this ABSURD Valuation. This Market Circus MUST END!
    The US Market Makers continue to PUMP the Nasdaq Composite BUBBLE via infinite margin trading desks!
    The Market Makers are PRINTING Dollars, thinking that when the next generation bears the HEAVY LOSS, the current scammers will not be around, but the current market makers must be in Jail by then!
    Nasdaq Composite got PUMPED by 160% by the US Government in the last 6 months and the excuses are STIMULUS and Fake Vaccine HOPE... 160% Capital Gains in US Stock indexes over the previous 6 months. It used to take 100 years to gain 160% on your capital. US Stock Market has become a PONZI SCHEME!!!
    Enjoy FREE CAPITAL GAINS without working while the Government is Printing money and PUMPING the Stock BUBBLE!
    It is no secret to anyone that the US Stock Market is a FRAUDULENT system. The US Government PRINTS Money and buy the Stocks via the infinite margin trading desks to PUMP the Prices. However, this FRAUDULENT system, designed to make insiders “QUICK RICH”, is NOT Sustainable.
    US Stock Valuations are IMPOSSIBLE to justify! US Stocks are EXTREMELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! The Market is in the Tulip Mania BUBBLE!
    DESPITE COLLAPSING Economy, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, growing Corporate LOSS, Skyrocketing inflation, Skyrocketing unemployment, Astronomical Corporate and National Debt, ABSURD Valuations, Worsening Trade War and Spreading Coronavirus Pandemic, the US Government is PUMPING the US Stock Prices, the MEGA BUBBLE Every single day!
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    The Great Correction
    Just watched an interview from a surgeon at Zuckerberg General hospital in San Francisco talking about he's worried about an "Apocalypse" if cases double in the next 2 weeks (like they have over the last 2 weeks).

    imho... NOW is the time to establish a large PUT position.

    People traveled yesterday, against the recommendations of the CDC. In 2 weeks they're gonna be calling it the national super spreader event.

    Market has completely ignored case counts up till now. I don't see that continuing. If my guess is right, in the next month, we're gonna see the pullback everyone KNOWS has to happen.

    I established my large APPL PUT position (200 contracts) about a week ago. 2 days later Ackman was in the news saying he re-established almost the identical bet he made 100X his money on in Feb-Mar.

    My guess, and that's all it is so FWIW, is that the covid count is gonna be one of those things the market ignores right up till...........................it doesn't. Then it's LOOK OUT BELOW!!!

    All the European countries are moving to, or have already moved to holiday lockdowns. We're the only country, the one that has covid the worst, that hasn't amd...

    Markets at all-time-priced-to-perfection -v-shaped-recovery highs.


    Good Luck.
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    nick name
    This market is getting tired. Response to bad news from COVID shutdowns is barely moving it up. Only up 1.6%?
    Should have been up at least 3 or 4%.
    Hopefully the last trading hour will save us.
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    The Great Correction
    How many daily covid cases will it take for the market to NOT be trading at ATHs? (I can't believe I'm typing that) I'm not talking DOW 10k, I'm saying ANYTHING BUT ATHs.

    It wasn't 100k.
    It wasn't 150k.

    This week it looks like we'll reach 200k+ confirmed cases a day. My guess is 225k.

    Will 200k be the number?


    300k+++ confirmed cases a day?... Which is where we absolutely will be by Christmas.

    Cases almost doubled from 100k to almost 200k in 2 weeks.

    We just had a National super-spreader holiday.

    Will 400k cases affect the job market, consumer confidence or unemployment figures?

    So far the market could care less. That's because fundamentals are So last-century.

    Our free markets have been replaced. I'm not sure what we have now but any sort of true price-discovery is gone thanks to the Fed's actions.

    And JP has the nerve to say he still needs more stimulus? How about allowing a completely reasonable and in the long run, healthy 20% correction before you have your hand out for another 3 Trillion.

    I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

    My guess is not well.

    Good Luck.
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    Global Pandemics and Global Economic Depressions are GREAT for stocks! Nasdaq 15k soon!!!
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    $^GSPC conversation
    The US Market Makers are PRINTING 2 Trillion US Dollars to Prevent the Market Correction and PUMP the Stock prices artificially to make sure that the insiders are getting quick rich without working! They are using infinite margin trading desks to print money and PUMP US Stock prices artificially!
    Nasdaq Composite Current average P/E=80
    Nasdaq Composite Current average P/E=20
    What is the reason for these ABSURD COMPANY Valuations in the US Stock Market?
    The US Stocks are in the MEGA BUBBLE, in a TULIP MANIA BUBBLE!
    Nasdaq Composite, the Ponzi Scheme index, is up 200% since 2016? Why? What is the reason for this insane OVERVALUATION?
    The Economy is COLLAPSING, the Situation today is way worse than 2016, Corporate Revenues are tanking, Corporate and National Debt levels are at Record highs, Trade war, Coronavirus Pandemic and Politics have damaged the Economy significantly. US inflation is at a record high today and the unemployment rate is skyrocketing. Masonic organizations have created this Corona Hoax to PUMP the US Stock BUBBLE, to poison the population with harmful vaccines!!!
    Furthermore, the World countries are refusing to use the US Dollar as an international reserve currency due to unlimited, ruthless, and uncontrolled money printing! Despite so much terrible news US Stocks and subsequently, the Market Values of Garbage companies are hitting new records every single day!
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    MEGA BUBBLE 2020
    150% Up since March 2020. 250% up since 2016 FOR NO REASON!
    Corporate Earnings are much lower compare to 2016!
    US Stocks are in the MASSIVE BUBBLE!
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    Sue Nommy
    You really have to love how they collusively Kyke-walk the indexes after every block sale....can you IMAGINE the amount of coordinated collusion that takes?!
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    Biggest bubble in history about to burst. Companies trading above 1,000 PE all over the place with massive unemployment, massive corporate and private debt (including student debt defaults), no stimulus, COVID 19 restrictions till at least another quarter, declining consumer confidence, etc. etc... the crash will make 2008 look like a small correction
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    Major pandemic and stocks enjoying chaos. Small business owners closing up shop by the thousands. Office space available on every street of every City in America.
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    Will there be any red day again? Or it is an automated money printing and Stock price Pumping???
    Enjoy ABSURD Valuations and Free Capital Gains without working!
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    Berkshire is basically 50 percent apple stocks and then both of them are in s&p so fed just have to buy apple bond to make Berkshire and apple go higher and using these techniques they have pumped stocked with feed back loop. the day it fail and we switch to negative loop not even fed can print enough money.
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    The Great Correction
    Get ready for NATIONAL SUPER-SPREADER-GIVING!!!!!!!!!!!

    My guess is we're finally going to see a broad market pullback, maybe a significant one, in a few weeks.

    I think that covid cases are going to jump so much that the market will have no choice but to react.

    Hospitals that are already full are not going to be able to function with the surge and mandatory lock downs are going to be rolled out nationwide...maybe not from the federal level, but certainly at state levels.

    I think this is going to be a classic case of the market ignoring covid right up till it doesn't and then LOOK OUT!!!!!!

    You know Ackman has his hedge back on right?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a replay of the whole March thing.

    Good Luck.
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    "Analysts" are vomiting random high price targets for Tesla BUBBLE, but there is no reasonable basis, no due diligence.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to justify current ABSURD $TSLA Valuation! NOBODY is buying Tesla car! Reliable carmakers, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, GM, FCAU, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar, Lincoln, Subaru, Mazda, Volvo are releasing more than 150 EV models in 2021! Tesla will be an average company at $30-35 Billion Market Value in 1-2 years!
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    Tesla up $50 billion due to news about being added to S&P
    Tesla up $50 billion today because an analyst upgraded the stock

    Asking the question again, can the Fed continue buying toxic Wall Street debt and the Congress continue pumping out trillions dollar deficits (2019 was a trillion dollar plus deficit) without causing serious bubble problems. So much liquidity is creating a bubble unprecedented in history.

    Chapter 11's are history as no Wall Street listed company will ever have to think of debt loads as a problem. New Paradigm is official. Of course this Ponzi could implode Jan 1, 2021.
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    if people actually wanted to convert to cash because they wanted to take some winnings this market would tumble so rapidly
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    SOON $TSLA $AAPL $AMZN Price Charts will look like $NKLA Price Chart.